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What is IWOMdiscoverTM?
IWOMdiscoverTM is an IWOM monitoring engine, utilizing CIC’s own patent pending semantic analysis techniques. IWOMdiscoverTM provides a timely buzz tracking service and a platform that gives you an overview of selected topics, buzz trends, aggregated search results across different engines, hot or sensitive topics and automatic indexing.


How can IWOMdiscoverTM help you?

1. Are consumers discussing key topics? How much discussion are they generating?
2. Where are the consumers discussing these topics?
3. How much content is found via search engines?
4. What are the latest trends in my monitored topics?
5. What are the keywords in my monitored topics?
6. Is there sensitive content in my monitored topics and if so, what is the source?


IWOMdiscoverTM unique features:

  1. Comprehensive data collection
    Comprehensive tracking of China’s social media; microblog, SNS, BBS, blogs, news sites, video sharing sites and QA sites.

  2. Multi-layered, deep analytics
    Manage huge volumes of consumer comments, display buzz trends, index search engine exposure, search engine distribution, early warning of potential crisis, distribution by site type and domain.

  3. Advanced semantic analysis
    Patent pending semantic analysis to effectively focus the tracking of content and auto-index related posts across a variety of topics; view multi-layered index of original content and mine content using hot keywords, buzz trends and source distribution.

  4. Flexible topics-set
    “All keywords included”, “Any keyword included” and “Keywords not included”; keyword settings allow well targeted deliverable.

  5. Convenient, real-time operation
    Generate multi-topic comparisons with an ability to export data and text. Daily and weekly reporting, including daily email alerts, including full topic tracking and flexible sorting.

Who is IWOMdiscoverTM for?
IWOMdiscoverTM is designed for marketers, salespeople and researchers who are interested in the buzz trends of China’s Internet. The implications of IWOMdiscoverTM include but are not limited to the following:


  1. Brand tracking:A brand manager can track netizens’ feedback to the brand by monitoring the latest buzz trend, hot topics, distribution of involved sites and so on.

  2. PR crisis:PR executives can observe online discussions that involve their company and look for sensitive topics to preempt potential crises.

  3. Industry intelligence:Strategic research and planning departments can update industry-related intelligence to acquire knowledge of the issues and dynamics.

  4. Competitor analysis:Product managers can monitor competitor buzz and compare it with their own to understand netizens view of their different products.

  5. Consumer research:Market researchers can assign keywords in order to understand the buzz regarding consumer needs and psychology.

  6. New product tracking:Marketers can track strap lines and content relating to new products in order to monitor and understand netizen reaction.

  7. Online media acquisitions:Media buyers can set different products, categories and industries to monitor the buzz distribution by site and domain, in order to better evaluate and plan media investment in online platforms.

  8. Campaign feedback:Advertisers can track the buzz around current campaigns and China’s hot net trends to provide creative ideation for better advertising.

  9. Hot issue tracking and news digging:Internet researchers and reporters can set uncover hot issues to dig out the most valuable news in China’s digital space.